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Leaf Link

The concept "Leaf Link" is a smartphone application aimed for average individuals who want to manage their plant growth as well as farmers with small farms. This concept was chosen because of the belief in the importance of plant growth, a modest action with a large impact on the environment. The purpose is to minimize large costs associated with moving commodities from farms to villages and vice versa, as well as the extensive use of chemicals to preserve goods in excellent condition to trick consumers into purchasing items! People no longer need to buy processed, semi-healthy fruits and vegetables, nor do farmers need to pay additional fees to employ specialists to detect farm issues and what needs to be done to prevent them from occurring. The application will solve the majority of concerns; the user will be able to add as many plants as they require and have them shown in the main interface along with their photographs to make the selection process easier. The user will also have a planner page to plan what tasks for each of the plants with the desired day and time and an automatic reminder for that, adding the tasks is done by selection, user does not need to add it by hand, just must select plant and tasks, date, and time. Furthermore, there is a statistics page for each individual plant that gives plant information and plant care, which includes watering information period, natural light which takes external information about area's weather and overall environment, as well as toxicity rate if any. Finally, there is a page for recognizing unknown plants. This is done by capturing an image of the plant, which requires access to a camera, and the program will display the plant name and scientific name to the user, as well as information about the plant if the user is interested.

Leaf Link


من خلال أحد العلامات الحيوية الخاصة بالانسان وربطها بنظام مداوم مع كاميرات المنشأة نستطيع معرفة المتواجد داخل نطاق المنشأة دون الحاجة لأي مجهود أو أجهزة إضافية أخرى كالجوال أو سوار وخلافه نستخدم في مشروعنا عدد من تقنيات الذكاء الاصطناعي وتعلم الآلة face recognition – interactive dashboard – supervised machine learning وربطها بالكاميرات المتوفرة في المنشأة وإتاحة لوحة التحكم للمسؤول في المنشأة لمتابعة دوام المنتسبين للمنشأة. كما يتيح النظام إرسال الإشعارات للمنتسبين بعدم تواجدهم وضرورة إثبات حضورهم عبر خيارات أخرى تتوفر عن طريق بصمة الجوال في داخل النطاق الجغرافي أو رمز OTP . كما انه بالإمكان إضافة عدد من الميزات للنظام كتفعيل خاصية التحذير من دخول الغير منتسبين . يتكون المشروع من 3 عناصر برمجة الكاميرات لوحة التحكم تطبيق المنتسبين ونعمل على ربط العناصر الثلاث لتسهيل عمل الموظفين وإدارة الموارد البشرية والحفاظ على أمن وسلامة المنشأة ومنتسبيها.

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