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Egyptian Car Plate Recognition System

-License plate recognition is an important technology with many applications like electronic toll collection, traffic law enforcement, and vehicle tracking and identification. The goal of an LPR system is to automatically detect and extract the license plate number from an image or video of a car -License plate detection. YOLOv8 can be trained on a dataset of car images with labeled license plates to build a detection model. At runtime, it will take an input image, run the model, and return the coordinates of any license plates it finds -The license plate image can be extracted from the original image using the coordinates identified by YOLOv8. OpenCV functions like cropping and perspective transforms can prepare the license plate image for the next step -The license plate characters then need to be segmented into individual letters/digits. This involves techniques like morphological operations, contours, and character segmentation in OpenCV -Optical character recognition is used to identify each character. The segmented characters can be fed into a pretrained OCR model like Tesseract or a custom CNN model built with OpenCV and machine learning -The pipeline outputs the license plate text which can then be used for various applications. Building this system with OpenCV and YOLOv8 allows for fast, accurate, and robust license plate recognition in real-time. It has important uses in transportation, law enforcement, and security domains

AI Teem

Mojeeb by NeuralWize

NeuralWize is a start-up that design, develop, deploy and validate AI applications and models. NeuralWize is aiming to democratize the access to AI as a technology and this aspiration can be achieved through creating a community around our products and services. NeuralWize applications and models will be available through different selling approaches that will suit the deployment and payment needs and capabilities of our clients. Our vision is to become one of the top trusted and credible AI models provider, and to position our AI models and solutions in the market as the one of the most adopted and easy to adopt solutions by governments, for profit agencies, non-profit agencies, communities and individuals with little to no-code requirements. The mission is our mini blocks that will enable us to achieve our vision. At this stage our mission is to create product awareness about the value of our AI solution the ease of accessibility and the cost-effective state-of-the-art AI models that NeuralWize provides. This mission and vision can be achieved through providing unique, reliable, easy to use and valuable products and services to our clients. NeuralWize provide a set of products and services that serve clients based on their needs. Our products and services are categorized into two categories, ready for deployment AI applications and AI models that can be accessed through NeuralWize’s APIs. Our products and services can be acquired by the clients either through our SaaS or PaaS approach allowing clients to either acquire LEEA4 and AITG through cloud based APIs or on-premises. The AI market is witnessing a robust boom; this boom is also occurring in the middle east region which we are segmenting as our primary targeted market. AI is going to be a big game changer in the global economy, and much of the value potential is up for grabs.