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AgriChat is an agriculture expert, focused on achieving sustainable and productive agriculture. works closely with farmers, researchers, and policymakers to develop and promote effective agricultural practices that optimize crop yields while minimizing environmental impacts. AgriChat expertise includes soil science, crop management, irrigation systems, and pest management. Also collaborate with industry partners to introduce innovative technologies and tools that enhance agricultural productivity. AgriChat involves conducting research and field trials to evaluate the effectiveness of different agricultural techniques, analyzing data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement, and developing recommendations for farmers and policymakers. Also provide training and technical assistance to farmers to help them adopt best practices and improve their production capabilities. In addition, AgriChat work to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable agriculture and its role in addressing global challenges such as food security, climate change, and environmental degradation. Engage with local communities to promote agricultural practices that are tailored to local conditions and needs. Ultimately, AgriChat aims to improve the livelihoods of farmers and their communities while protecting the environment for future generations. Through collaborative efforts and the adoption of sustainable practices, we believe that we can achieve a food-secure future that is good for people, planet, and prosperity.

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Accelerating Growth through the DeepBOT Chatbot

فكرتنا تتمحور حول إطلاق منصة شات بوت متقدمة لتحسين أداء الشركات وتعزيز نموها بشكل فعّال. من خلال هذه المنصة الابتكارية، نقدم تقارير وتحليلات بيانات شمولية للشركات، مما يمكنها من استغلال آراء العملاء حول منتجاتها وفهم توقعاتهم. تُوفر المنصة إمكانية الوصول إلى إحصائيات شاملة ومعلومات حول المنتجات، وتقديم إجابات فورية للأسئلة المتكررة، مما يسهم في تحسين رضا العملاء وتيسير التواصل الداخلي في الشركة. بواسطة هذا الحلا المبتكر، نهدف إلى تحقيق تحول إيجابي في عمليات الشركات وتعزيز قدرتها على المنافسة في سوق الأعمال المتزايد التحديات. مراقبة وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي: تحليل تعليقات المستخدمين وتغريداتهم ومنشوراتهم لفهم الرأي العام حول المنتجات أو العلامات التجارية أو الأحداث. مراقبة المنتجات الاخري: تحليل الشركات والمنافسين تقديم تقرير اكثر المنتجات المطلوبة والمميزات والعيوب في المنتجات الأخرى وتحليل المنافسين. التعامل مع الاستفسارات الداخلية والأسئلة المتكررة: استخدام دردشة آلية متقدمة يمكنها إدارة استفسارات العملاء المتكررة بشكل فعّال، وذلك عبر التعرف على الأسئلة المتكررة والرد السريع عليها.

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The product described is an all-in-one AI-coding platform, designed to revolutionize the way development projects are approached by automating numerous aspects of the coding process. This platform stands out for its code generation capabilities across various development stages, from backend to frontend, including mobile app development. Key Features: No-code Approach: This platform is uniquely user-friendly, requiring no coding experience. Users can simply describe their needs in any language or dialect, and the AI takes over, translating these descriptions into functional code. This feature democratizes coding, making it accessible to a broader audience. AI-Powered Engine: At its core, the platform is driven by a sophisticated AI model. This engine is not static; it is continually refined and improved to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that the platform remains cutting-edge. API Generation from Database: A standout feature is the ability to automatically generate a Django project API based on the user's database table structure. This simplifies the process of API creation, saving time and effort. Landing Page Generator: The platform includes a tool for generating landing pages in as little as five minutes, streamlining the web development process. Backend Code Generator: This tool automatically generates the backend of a Django project based on user inputs, further simplifying the development process. Frontend Code Generator: After the backend is set up, this generator creates the frontend, ensuring a seamless and integrated development experience. In summary, this AI-coding platform is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to automate and simplify the coding process for a wide range of development tasks. Its AI-driven approach, coupled with a user-friendly, no-code interface, makes it an innovative solution in the realm of software development and IT automation.

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Psychological State Detection Using AI

In our increasingly digital world, effective communication with machines has become integral to our daily lives. However, a significant challenge lies in bridging the emotional gap between humans and artificial intelligence. Traditional human-computer interfaces often miss the nuanced emotional cues present in our voices, hindering our ability to interact with machines in a more natural and emotionally intelligent way. By using Tensorflow, Streamlit, and LSTM We trained our model on a huge audio datasets of 200 target words were spoken in the carrier phrase "Say the word _' by two actresses and recordings were made of the set portraying each of seven emotions (anger, disgust, fear, happiness, pleasant surprise, sadness, and neutral) with a total of 2800 data points. Feature Extraction: extracting relevant features from audio data. These features include pitch, tone, intensity, and spectral characteristics. Model Training: LSTM networks, as part of the TensorFlow framework, are trained on labeled audio datasets that associate audio samples with specific psychological states (e.g., happiness, sadness, anger). Pattern Recognition: During training, the LSTM learns to recognize patterns in the extracted audio features that correlate with different psychological states. It identifies how changes in vocal attributes correspond to specific emotions. Inference by Streamlit: Once trained, the AI model can infer the psychological state of unseen audio data. It analyzes the audio's features and provides an estimation of the emotional state expressed in the speech.

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PsychWare is a sophisticated platform that utilizes a cutting-edge model to assess the mental well-being of Arabic students. The model employed in the project is designed specifically for detecting depression, and it leverages the power of NLP techniques. It has been trained on a vast amount of data, including a mixture of Arabic and English texts commonly found in online accounts of Arabic students. To handle the linguistic diversity and the mix of Arabic and English, the model incorporates preprocessing techniques. This includes removing diacritics, punctuations, repeating characters, and emojis from the text. By performing these preprocessing steps, the model ensures that the input text is clean and ready for analysis. The model itself is based on the transformer architecture, which has proven to be highly effective in NLP tasks. Transformers excel at understanding the semantic context and nuances of text, allowing PsychWare to accurately classify the emotional state of students, identify levels of exam anxiety, and detect potential signs of depression. Moreover, PsychWare recognizes the unique linguistic characteristics of the Arabic language, taking into account Arabic dialects and the presence of English words within the text. This enables the platform to provide a comprehensive analysis of Arabic students' mental well-being, transcending language barriers and delivering valuable insights to educators, parents, and mental health professionals. The integration of PHP and React in PsychWare ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience. The PHP backend handles the data processing and communication with the model, while the React frontend presents the results in an intuitive and visually appealing manner. PsychWare is poised to make a significant impact in the field of mental health assessment among Arabic students by harnessing the power of advanced NLP models and addressing the unique linguistic characteristics of Arabic and English texts.



AI Aspect of CareWave - Your Ultimate AI-Powered Healthcare Companion Experience the future of healthcare with CareWave, a state-of-the-art system built on cutting-edge sequence-to-sequence transformer models. Our revolutionary technology empowers you to streamline patient care, enhance communication, and revolutionize medical decision-making. With CareWave, tedious and time-consuming tasks become a breeze. Our intelligent AI system can effortlessly read and summarize medical reports, saving you precious time and energy. Gone are the days of pouring over lengthy documents – CareWave delivers concise, accurate summaries at your fingertips. But CareWave isn't just about reading and summarizing data; it's your vigilant partner in patient care. Through advanced biometric pattern recognition, our system can identify and predict abnormalities, ensuring early detection of potential health issues. Real-time monitoring keeps you informed every step of the way, enabling proactive interventions to optimize patient outcomes. CareWave boasts two powerful agents working in harmony to support your healthcare journey. DoctorPro, your trusted ally, tracks and analyzes patient biometric parameters, flagging any signs of inflammation or abnormalities. In the event of an early sign of inflammation, DoctorPro promptly alerts the hospital, equipping caregivers with the information they need for immediate action. Our system's accuracy means you can trust the alerts, differentiating between true alarms and false alarms with ease.

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Mojeeb by NeuralWize

NeuralWize is a start-up that design, develop, deploy and validate AI applications and models. NeuralWize is aiming to democratize the access to AI as a technology and this aspiration can be achieved through creating a community around our products and services. NeuralWize applications and models will be available through different selling approaches that will suit the deployment and payment needs and capabilities of our clients. Our vision is to become one of the top trusted and credible AI models provider, and to position our AI models and solutions in the market as the one of the most adopted and easy to adopt solutions by governments, for profit agencies, non-profit agencies, communities and individuals with little to no-code requirements. The mission is our mini blocks that will enable us to achieve our vision. At this stage our mission is to create product awareness about the value of our AI solution the ease of accessibility and the cost-effective state-of-the-art AI models that NeuralWize provides. This mission and vision can be achieved through providing unique, reliable, easy to use and valuable products and services to our clients. NeuralWize provide a set of products and services that serve clients based on their needs. Our products and services are categorized into two categories, ready for deployment AI applications and AI models that can be accessed through NeuralWize’s APIs. Our products and services can be acquired by the clients either through our SaaS or PaaS approach allowing clients to either acquire LEEA4 and AITG through cloud based APIs or on-premises. The AI market is witnessing a robust boom; this boom is also occurring in the middle east region which we are segmenting as our primary targeted market. AI is going to be a big game changer in the global economy, and much of the value potential is up for grabs.