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Travel Giraffe

A travel website that begins with newsletter for the MVP. Then will expand as a chatbot and other features. Money is gained through affiliate links with from SkyScanner. Suggestions made through OpenAI embeddings. We take user input through a form and then send them a scheduled newsletter with flights that may be a good fit for them that get autosuggested from OpenAI Embeddings. We fetch the flights from SkyScanner and autosuggest using OpenAI. Why this is good is because OpenAI doesn't have access currently to live information, and this service provides that by connecting it to SkyScanner's API. It uses: - Next JS - React - TypeScript - OpenAI Embeddings - SkyScanner API Features: - International since day 1 - Personalized. The algorithm adapts to your preference using OpenAI's Embed API - Free. The newsletter part is free for now. If anything is going to change, there might be a more premium that suggests a trip from A-Z (what flight to take, where to stay. ), Possible future releases: - Chatbot that autosuggests flights - Why this matters is because currently ChatGPT doesn't have access to live data, and this would be an edge - In-site flight sales (no more affiliate links for trips) - Experiences and stays (affiliate links) - A trip from A-Z (what flight to take, where to stay, etc.) - [moon shot] bookable through one form) that would show the total All these features will not be promoted in the website before they're ready to launch. We only announce features, not promise them.

Travel Giraffe
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