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AgriChat is an agriculture expert, focused on achieving sustainable and productive agriculture. works closely with farmers, researchers, and policymakers to develop and promote effective agricultural practices that optimize crop yields while minimizing environmental impacts. AgriChat expertise includes soil science, crop management, irrigation systems, and pest management. Also collaborate with industry partners to introduce innovative technologies and tools that enhance agricultural productivity. AgriChat involves conducting research and field trials to evaluate the effectiveness of different agricultural techniques, analyzing data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement, and developing recommendations for farmers and policymakers. Also provide training and technical assistance to farmers to help them adopt best practices and improve their production capabilities. In addition, AgriChat work to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable agriculture and its role in addressing global challenges such as food security, climate change, and environmental degradation. Engage with local communities to promote agricultural practices that are tailored to local conditions and needs. Ultimately, AgriChat aims to improve the livelihoods of farmers and their communities while protecting the environment for future generations. Through collaborative efforts and the adoption of sustainable practices, we believe that we can achieve a food-secure future that is good for people, planet, and prosperity.

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ArtiGenius Collective

Certainly! Here's a brief description of the "ArtiGenius Collective": **ArtiGenius Collective:** ArtiGenius Collective is a dynamic and diverse team of creative minds and tech enthusiasts passionate about exploring the intersection of art and artificial intelligence. Comprising artists, developers, and AI enthusiasts, the collective is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of artistic innovation through the integration of cutting-edge AI technologies. Our mission is to revolutionize the art world by harnessing the power of AI to collaborate with human creativity. We believe in the synergy between artistic expression and machine intelligence, aiming to create groundbreaking art that challenges traditional norms and inspires a new era of artistic exploration. As a team, we thrive on collaboration, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence. With a shared vision to bridge the gap between art and technology, ArtiGenius Collective is committed to developing pioneering solutions that redefine artistic creation, encourage collaboration between humans and AI, and foster a vibrant community of artists and technologists. Through our participation in hackathons and collaborative projects, we seek to showcase the endless possibilities that emerge when human creativity merges with the potential of artificial intelligence. Join us on this exciting journey as we reimagine the future of art and AI. *Let's create, innovate, and redefine art together!*

ArtiGenius Collective
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Green AI

Our problem is the lack of vegetation, In this project we tried to find the best way to plant trees as efficiently as possible to reduce the process of global warming using artificial intelligence based on factors including environmental pollutants in the air, temperatures, population density, the ROI standard that measures fine particles with temperatures so that the artificial intelligence model finds the number of trees that should be planted in the region, neighborhoods, and any A spot in the kingdom was big or small based on geographical locations . We are creating a deep-learning model with the help of Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) networks a modified version of recurrent neural networks (RNN), to predict the number of trees that should be planted in each city based on population density, air pollution, and temperature. air pollution data collected during covid - 19 was used in the regions and geographic area data. as the start of the project, the model was applied to the Dammam region to identify the neighborhoods in it and determine the percentages of environmental pollution present in it and temperatures and we found the ROI standard so that the darker the area or neighborhood, the more trees it needs to be planted. :And of course our project Achieving one of the goals of sustainable development by ensuring a healthy life and promoting luxury. - Accelerate and facilitate the process of achieving one of the goals of Vision 2023 by using artificial intelligence mechanisms. - Increasing the country's economy. - Preserving the environment. We used Python for programming and interfaces HTML , CSS , and Javascript For the tools we used Flask as a framework. As well as Colab for Python and Model Finally, we used visual studio to apply all the details of the project. As a future direction, we aspire to add more features to the system that will improve our environment like : integrate more features into our prediction model.

Green AI
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