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Flight Anomaly Detection and Prediction

The Flight Anomaly Detection and Prediction project revolutionizes aviation safety. Leveraging cutting-edge AI techniques, our approach involves the generation of comprehensive datasets, capturing both normal and anomalous flight scenarios. The Isolation Forest model, chosen for its efficiency in anomaly detection, undergoes meticulous training on a curated subset of the data. A crucial element is the Feature Engineering phase, empowering the model with enhanced capabilities through the extraction of meaningful insights from the existing data. This project addresses the critical challenges faced by the aerospace industry, aiming to mitigate unforeseen failures in flight systems that could lead to safety compromises and operational disruptions. By proactively identifying anomalies in flight data, our system provides a predictive maintenance framework, minimizing downtime and optimizing safety measures. The commitment to innovation is evident in our testing and refinement process, ensuring the model's accuracy and reliability in diverse flight scenarios. The Implementation Strategy encompasses a Prototype Development phase, where a functional model is constructed to showcase the predictive maintenance capabilities. The subsequent Testing and Refinement phase involves rigorous evaluation, fine-tuning, and feedback incorporation to enhance the system's efficacy. The final stage involves Full-Scale Deployment, launching the predictive maintenance system for widespread commercial use. This comprehensive approach signifies a pivotal advancement in aviation safety, marking our dedication to excellence in predictive maintenance and anomaly detection.

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