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Our AI prompts play a pivotal role in shaping the creation of music through artificial intelligence. Here's how our prompts aid in this process: • Inspiration and Ideas: Our prompts can spark inspiration by suggesting themes, moods, or musical elements, helping musicians and composers overcome creative blocks and explore new directions for their music. • Musical Compositions: We provide prompts that guide the composition process, suggesting chord progressions, melodies, or even entire musical sections. This accelerates the initial stages of music creation. • Arrangement and Structure: Musicians can use prompts to refine the arrangement and structure of their compositions, ensuring a balanced and engaging musical journey for the listener. • Lyrics and Songwriting: For lyricists and songwriters, our prompts can offer themes, concepts, or even specific word choices to assist in crafting compelling lyrics. • Sound Design and Production: In the realm of sound engineering, our prompts can help refine audio mixes, suggest instrument placements, or recommend effects and mastering techniques. • Experimentation and Innovation: Musicians can use our prompts to experiment with unconventional ideas, pushing the boundaries of their creative output and exploring new musical genres and styles. • Collaboration and Feedback: Our prompts can facilitate collaboration by providing a common starting point for multiple musicians or producers. They can also be used to solicit feedback from AI-generated compositions, helping artists refine and iterate on their work. • Personalization: Our prompts can be tailored to an artist's unique preferences, ensuring that the AI-generated suggestions align with their individual style and vision. • Efficiency: By leveraging AI-generated prompts, musicians can save time and effort during the creative process, allowing them to focus on the finer details of their music.

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Express your Style with AI design

Seba is the first fashion company that utilizes generative AI and computer vision segmentation, we have identified a huge production cost gap that we can use as competitive advantage, by making enabling the users to contribute in the designs that they like and we will handle the production through outsource factories our AI uses a combination of multiple AI tools (Segment Anything, ControlNet, BLIP2, MDT, Stable Diffusion, Large-scale Unsupervised Semantic Segmentation, Grounded Segment Anything: From Objects to Parts, Grounded-Segment-Anything) we are able to generate multiple designs and already produced 300 pieces that are avalable at


Stable Diffusion
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Dawini AI - Healthcare Digitalized With AI

Dawini.AI seamlessly integrates advanced artificial intelligence with healthcare, offering users an unparalleled experience. With features like AI-powered search corrections, color-based drug identification, AR camera drug recognition, and a comprehensive drug interaction checker, patients can navigate their medication journey with confidence and ease. The app also boasts a timely drug dose reminder, a GPS-enabled pharmacy locator, direct communication channels with pharmacies, and a 24/7 AI chat assistant to answer health-related queries. Ensuring both convenience and safety, Dawini.AI stands as a groundbreaking all-in-one health companion for the digital age.



Making a healthy lifestyle unstoppable habit

People today struggle with generic health and fitness advice, high personal trainer costs, and unreliable online resources. Barbell steps in as the accessible, tailored, and affordable solution to make health and fitness guidance genuinely personal and achievable for everyone.Barbell is a mobile app that simplifies the path to a healthier lifestyle. We provide personalized workout and nutrition plans tailored to individual needs. Our users will access a supportive community and participate in friendly fitness challenges. Barbell makes it easy for anyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle without feeling deprived.


OpenAI gymGPT-4

Bitar Bot

We enter a database containing the symptoms of different diseases and their treatment assigned to each age group, then we create a program that enters an automated device placed in pharmacies with an integrated software code, so the patient enters his data from the pharmacist’s place to prescribe the appropriate medication for the patient. We named the bot “Bitar Bot,” named after the first Muslim pharmaceutical scientist, “Ibn al-Bitar.” Having it in every pharmacy saves the pharmacist’s time and effort, and also increases the accuracy of answers, and is available 24/7. He will be a major developer in Saudi pharmacies to achieve the goals of the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, God willing

AI Squad

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Decorist AI mood generator is poised to revolutionize interior design and furniture shopping by providing a simplified, cost-effective, and personalized approach. Our platform combines artificial intelligence with professional design expertise, addressing common pain points in the industry. We tackle challenges such as high design costs and lengthy processes by empowering users to take control of their projects with AI assistance, reducing expenses and time. We simplify the search for matching items across various sites through a unified database and advanced algorithms, bridging the online-offline shopping gap. Our value proposition includes affordability, efficiency, and creativity. We cater to homeowners, renters, designers, and event planners, making high-quality interior design accessible to all. With an $8.34 billion furniture market, we identify revenue streams like e-commerce, transaction fees, and white-label solutions to support our user-centric model. stands out by connecting users directly with real-life store products they can purchase instantly, setting us apart as a market-ready AI solution. Join us in reshaping interior design and discovering your dream living space with ease.