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هاكاثون مسرعة الذكاء الصناعي التوليدي الجزء الثالث Summary

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Hackathon Overview

Our AI hackathon brought together a diverse group of participants, who collaborated to develop a variety of impressive projects based on:






AI Applications

Winners and Finalists

  • We are in the process of selecting the finalist teams.
  • Your voice matters! Vote on your favorite projects in the section below.
  • Join us for the winner announcement stream, which will be streamed live on Twitch.

Speakers, Mentors, and Organizers

Basem Awad profile picture

Basem Awad

Project Manager

Haneen Salih profile picture

Haneen Salih

Marketing and Communication

    Dina Shall profile picture

    Dina Shall

    Community Manager

    walaa Elghitany profile picture

    walaa Elghitany

    pediatrician, data scientist

    Iqra Akhtar profile picture

    Iqra Akhtar

    Software Enginer

    Muhammad Inaamullah profile picture

    Muhammad Inaamullah

      أحمد الرفاعي profile picture

      أحمد الرفاعي

      Front-end developer

      Asmaa Rashed profile picture

      Asmaa Rashed

      Lecturer, MSc

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      Submitted Concepts, Prototypes and Pitches

      Submissions from the teams participating in the هاكاثون مسرعة الذكاء الصناعي التوليدي الجزء الثالث event and making it to the end 👊

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      Express your Style with AI design

      Seba is the first fashion company that utilizes generative AI and computer vision segmentation, we have identified a huge production cost gap that we can use as competitive advantage, by making enabling the users to contribute in the designs that they like and we will handle the production through outsource factories our AI uses a combination of multiple AI tools (Segment Anything, ControlNet, BLIP2, MDT, Stable Diffusion, Large-scale Unsupervised Semantic Segmentation, Grounded Segment Anything: From Objects to Parts, Grounded-Segment-Anything) we are able to generate multiple designs and already produced 300 pieces that are avalable at sebafashions.com


      Stable Diffusion
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      Dawini AI - Healthcare Digitalized With AI

      Dawini.AI seamlessly integrates advanced artificial intelligence with healthcare, offering users an unparalleled experience. With features like AI-powered search corrections, color-based drug identification, AR camera drug recognition, and a comprehensive drug interaction checker, patients can navigate their medication journey with confidence and ease. The app also boasts a timely drug dose reminder, a GPS-enabled pharmacy locator, direct communication channels with pharmacies, and a 24/7 AI chat assistant to answer health-related queries. Ensuring both convenience and safety, Dawini.AI stands as a groundbreaking all-in-one health companion for the digital age.



      Making a healthy lifestyle unstoppable habit

      People today struggle with generic health and fitness advice, high personal trainer costs, and unreliable online resources. Barbell steps in as the accessible, tailored, and affordable solution to make health and fitness guidance genuinely personal and achievable for everyone.Barbell is a mobile app that simplifies the path to a healthier lifestyle. We provide personalized workout and nutrition plans tailored to individual needs. Our users will access a supportive community and participate in friendly fitness challenges. Barbell makes it easy for anyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle without feeling deprived.


      OpenAI gymGPT-4

      Bitar Bot

      We enter a database containing the symptoms of different diseases and their treatment assigned to each age group, then we create a program that enters an automated device placed in pharmacies with an integrated software code, so the patient enters his data from the pharmacist’s place to prescribe the appropriate medication for the patient. We named the bot “Bitar Bot,” named after the first Muslim pharmaceutical scientist, “Ibn al-Bitar.” Having it in every pharmacy saves the pharmacist’s time and effort, and also increases the accuracy of answers, and is available 24/7. He will be a major developer in Saudi pharmacies to achieve the goals of the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, God willing

      AI Squad

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      Decorist AI mood generator

      Decorist.ai is poised to revolutionize interior design and furniture shopping by providing a simplified, cost-effective, and personalized approach. Our platform combines artificial intelligence with professional design expertise, addressing common pain points in the industry. We tackle challenges such as high design costs and lengthy processes by empowering users to take control of their projects with AI assistance, reducing expenses and time. We simplify the search for matching items across various sites through a unified database and advanced algorithms, bridging the online-offline shopping gap. Our value proposition includes affordability, efficiency, and creativity. We cater to homeowners, renters, designers, and event planners, making high-quality interior design accessible to all. With an $8.34 billion furniture market, we identify revenue streams like e-commerce, transaction fees, and white-label solutions to support our user-centric model. Decorist.ai stands out by connecting users directly with real-life store products they can purchase instantly, setting us apart as a market-ready AI solution. Join us in reshaping interior design and discovering your dream living space with ease.




      "MailMentor" is a sophisticated AI-driven tool designed to fundamentally improve email communication within corporate and governmental environments. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies, it meticulously analyzes the personality traits and professional roles of email recipients. This analysis enables MailMentor to provide highly tailored advice for crafting emails that resonate more effectively with each individual recipient, thus ensuring clearer and more effective communication. Offered on a subscription basis, MailMentor aims to tackle the prevalent challenges of miscommunication and inefficiency in workplace emails. This service is not just about ensuring that emails are well-composed; it's about fostering a more harmonious and productive communication environment. Looking ahead, MailMentor's roadmap includes enhancing its AI algorithms for more nuanced understanding and personalization, expanding its feature set to cater to diverse organizational needs, and widening its market reach. This trajectory is aimed at establishing MailMentor as an indispensable tool in the realm of professional communication, continually adapting to the evolving dynamics of workplace interactions.



      Rafah AI

      The idea behind Rafah AI is to solve many problems and challenges in the field of mental health and health wellness, including: 1. Lack of access: Providing easy and 24/7 access to emotional and psychological support, helping to overcome time and location constraints and making the service available to individuals anytime, anywhere. 2. Treatment costs: The project aims to provide mental health and health wellness support at reasonable prices, reducing the financial burden on individuals and making services accessible to everyone. 3. Shortage of specialists: Using smart technologies like artificial intelligence and data analysis, conversations are analyzed and customized care plans are provided to users, compensating for the shortage of specialists in the field of mental health and enabling personalized and effective care. 4. Overcoming stigma: By ensuring the privacy and security of customer data through advanced encryption, this contributes to building trust and security for users without fear of stigma or embarrassment. 5. Improving service quality and outcomes: Continuous data analysis is used to improve service quality and achieve positive results for users. Modern techniques and artificial intelligence are used to improve project efficiency and deliver the highest quality of services. Through these solutions and benefits, we contribute to facilitating and enhancing access to mental health care and health wellness in general, improving the user experience and enhancing the quality of life for individuals.

      RAFAH AI



      Imagine a world where language barriers and limited attention spans are no longer obstacles to education. Welcome to Hayyan, our revolutionary EdTech platform. Designed to serve students globally, Hayyan seamlessly converts lecture audio into flawless AI-generated notes, which are then thoughtfully translated, providing access in both the original and translated languages. But Hayyan is More than just a tool for note-taking, Hayyan is a comprehensive learning environment. It enables users to keep and manage past notes, interact with an AI teacher, and explore additional resources and topics. Join us in revolutionizing the way we learn!




      Step into the extraordinary world of Kurio, where learning and entertainment converge to create an immersive experience like no other. Kurio is not just an app; it's a dynamic platform designed exclusively for young minds, offering a seamless blend of educational exploration and delightful entertainment. In a landscape saturated with digital content, Kurio stands out as a beacon of innovation, catering to the youngest learners' insatiable thirst for knowledge and imagination. With interactive stories that bring narratives to life, educational games that transform learning into play, and a treasure trove of captivating experiences, Kurio is redefining how children engage with technology. We recognize that today's youngsters deserve more than just passive consumption. Kurio empowers them to actively participate in their own learning journey, sparking curiosity, nurturing creativity, and fostering a lifelong love for learning. As parents, educators, and guardians, you can trust Kurio to provide a safe, enriching environment that captures young hearts and minds while aligning with your values. Whether it's embarking on a virtual adventure, unraveling the mysteries of science, or simply enjoying quality entertainment with an educational twist, Kurio opens the door to endless possibilities. Join us in shaping the future of young learners as we proudly introduce Kurio, the app that paves the way for joyful learning, imaginative exploration, and transformative experiences.



      AI the Unseen Hero in the Battle Against Cancer

      When it comes to cancer care, time is a valuable resource. Long wait times for patients can have a negative impact on their mental health as well as allow the illness to worsen unchecked. Long wait times in medical facilities must be addressed, and artificial intelligence (AI) offers creative ways to expedite patient care. AI-Powered Queue Optimization Patient line optimization is made possible by AI's incorporation into healthcare systems. An essential component of AI applications is predictive analytics, which estimates patient influx and helps healthcare practitioners deploy resources effectively while reducing wait times. Remote Patient Surveillance AI offers a paradigm change in cancer care by enabling remote patient monitoring beyond the walls of physical healthcare institutions. Patients are empowered to take an active role in their care when wearable technology and home monitoring systems are combined with artificial intelligence algorithms. Unraveling Imaging Complexities Cancer diagnosis often hinges on the interpretation of complex imaging data, a task that demands precision and efficiency. Traditional methods like scans and MRIs, while effective, face challenges in handling the nuanced nature of cancerous growth. The infusion of AI introduces a dynamic element into this process. AI Algorithms: Enhancing Precision At the heart of this transformation lies AI's ability to analyze vast datasets through sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms are trained to recognize subtle patterns and anomalies, providing a level of precision that complements and, in some cases, surpasses human capability. By incorporating AI into diagnostic workflows, healthcare professionals gain a powerful tool for more accurate and rapid cancer detection through image analysis.



      AI Email Spam Classification

      The AI Email Spam Classification project utilizes machine learning techniques to accurately classify emails as spam or non-spam (ham). By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, the project aims to enhance email management and protect users from unwanted or malicious emails such as spam and phishing attacks. The project involves importing a dataset, preprocessing the text data, training a classification model using a Naive Bayes algorithm, and evaluating the model's performance. It provides insights into the dataset by counting the number of spam and ham emails and showcases example emails from each category. The AI Email Spam Classification project offers a practical solution for automating the detection and filtering of spam emails, thereby optimizing email communication and security.


      Reinforcement LearningGPT-3


      Thaki is a personal teacher and assistant that operates using artificial intelligence. Its mission is to enhance the learning process in an efficient and intelligent manner. As an assistant teacher, Thaki works to facilitate teachers' tasks by preparing lessons, creating tests and assignments, and crafting worksheets. Additionally, it accurately corrects tests and assignments and effectively monitors students' grades. In its role as a private teacher, Thaki provides individual support to students, assisting them in solving assignments without providing direct answers but guiding them towards effective problem-solving approaches. It also offers simplified explanations of topics using an easy-to-understand style, accompanied by illustrative examples. Thaki conducts regular reviews of students in specific subjects, evaluating their proficiency through effective means, helping them improve their skills. Thaki's future plans rely on providing a comprehensive learning experience by enabling the use of various types of data such as video, audio, and PDF files to ensure accurate interaction. It aims to develop specialized language models to guarantee information accuracy without any bias or errors. Moreover, Thaki strives for continuous improvements in its techniques to ensure the delivery of the best educational service that meets the needs of both students and teachers.




      يعد المشروع نواة لمنصة تقدم خدمات مساعدة مبنية على الذكاء الصنعي، الان لدي خدمتين اساسيتين الاولى هي خدمة انشاء محادثة متسلسلة مع المودلز الخاصة ب GPT وفيها اضفت واجهة مناسبة تتيح للمستخدم الاستفادة من جيمع الميزات التي قد يحتاجها. الخدمة الثانية chatbot وفيها يستطيع العميل من بناء الchatbot الخاص به بكل اريحية من خلال تقديم ملف pdf او Doc ويتم توليد تطبيق فيه مودل مع ايندبوينت خاص يستطيه اخذه واستخدامه في موقعه كيفما يشاء، حيث يتم توليد App-id بالاضافة لـ api-key الخاص بالعميل ويتم ارفاق هذه المعلومات ال الهيدر في الايندبوينت الخاص بالمستخدمين. هذه الخدمة ليست جاهزة في الواجهات الامامية حاليا فقط تم تجهيزها من الباك ايند لكنني اضفت مثالين يوضحا كيفية عمل الخدمة. أحدهما chatbot يقوم بالرد على استفيارات مبادرة lablab.ai وهي متوفرة حاليا على الموقع. استحدمت في الباك ايند (Django) وفي الفرنت ايند (Nuxtjs) وقمت برفع المشروع على سيرفر شخصي ليمكنكم الاطلاع: https://congpt.v2202107122785158474.goodsrv.de/ الموقع في نسخة تجريبية ولم يتم اطلاقه بعد لانه يحتاج للكثير من العمل ليصبح متاح للعامة.


      GPT-3OpenAI gym