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AI Developer

Saudi Arabia

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AI Developer

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    Problem: Nowadays, there is a huge interest in space industry for research and experiments. The interest started almost 40 years ago (in 1985) when Prince Sultan bin Salman flew aboard the American STS-51-G Space Shuttle mission. Today, (May 21, 2023), the CST send two Saudi astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) as the first launch of the Saudi space mission. There is a huge potential for exploring space using generative AI, opening the doors for scientists and space agencies to explore unreachable places. We have noticed that generative AI being more customized to the space industry will help space scientists get the knowledge accurately and effectively. Solution: Our solution is based on Deep Generative Neural Network , which can generate text and media. The data used for the purpose of the project should be collected from authorized space sources. The solution can offer various features, including: • Get generated text, images, videos, and audio related to the space industry. • The scientist has his profile to formulate their research interest. • Each scientist can save, share, and download their generated content. • The solution has a collaborative environment between the scientists’ community. • The higher-ranking content can get into auction to share generated media with society. • Growing potential for innovation by sharing knowledge, ratings, and feedback in generated media. • The Gamification Components to Increase generated media with monthly competitions and winners. Possible Use Cases: Generative AI can be a powerful tool in space exploration and related fields. Here are some examples: 1. Designing and optimizing spacecraft components by training machine learning models on data from previous missions or simulations, generative AI can help engineers create more efficient and effective spacecraft designs. 2. Analyzing scientific data from space missions. 3. Predicting and mitigating risks associated with space missions.

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    📌 انضم إلينا في 18-21 مايو من الساعة 4:00 مساءً في حديقة الابتكار | KACST. 🛠 4 أيام من التعلم والبناء 🤝 انضم بفريقك أو انضم إلى فريق خلال الهاكاثون 🦾 الوصول المجاني إلى نماذج الذكاء الاصطناعي والبرامج التعليمية التقنية 🏅 احصل على فرصة للتأهل لبرنامج مسرعة الشركات الناشئة غاية GAIA 🚀 انضم إلى مجتمع خبراء الذكاء الاصطناعي 😅 العدد محدود للغاية

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