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Data Scientist and AI Engineer with expertise in machine learning, deep learning, and data analytics, focused on translating complex data into actionable insights. Committed to continuous learning and ethical AI application, I bridge the gap between data and decision-making. My goal is to contribute to innovation and impact in a forward-thinking organization that values collaboration and integrity.

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    Genius Guru - Your Career Advisor

    Genius Guru is a groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize career development in the technology sector. Utilizing state-of-the-art generative AI models, the platform offers a highly personalized experience that begins with a tailored quiz in one of several tech majors, such as Software Engineering, Machine Learning, or Product Management. The quiz is not just a static set of questions; it's dynamically generated based on the user's profile, which includes factors like their major, years of experience, and location. Once the quiz is completed, Genius Guru performs a detailed skill gap analysis. This analysis is not merely a reflection of the user's current abilities; it's a roadmap to their future. The platform suggests a curated path of courses designed to bolster weak points and enhance strengths. These courses are sourced from our educational partners, ranging from local academies like ShAi for AI and Hope International Academy to global giants like Coursera and Udemy. But Genius Guru goes a step further. Using AI, it provides a nuanced explanation of how each suggested course fits into the user's overall career trajectory, demystifying the often overwhelming world of tech career planning. This makes Genius Guru not just an educational platform but a career mentor that's available 24/7. In the future, we plan to expand the list of majors, introduce a user ranking system, and develop our own Lifelong Learning Model (LLM) for even more personalized guidance. We aim to become the go-to platform for tech career development, bridging the gap between uncertainty and clarity, between education and a fulfilling career.

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    هاكاثون مسرعة الذكاء الصناعي التوليدي الجزء الثاني

    🗓️ إنضم إلينا افتراضياً بدءًا من الساعة السادسة مساءً في 31 أغسطس وحتى السادسة مساءً في 2 سبتمبر لبدء رحلة التعلم والتطور. 🚀 استمتع بيومين متكاملين من التعلم العملي. 🤝 يمكنك التواصل مع فريقك الخاص أو الانضمام إلى فريق جديد خلال الهاكاثون. 📚 تمتع بالوصول المجاني الغير محدود إلى نماذج الذكاء الاصطناعي والدروس التعليمية التقنية. 🏆 لا تفوّت الفرصة الذهبية للتأهل لبرنامج "GAIA" لتسريع الشركات الناشئة. ⏩ انضم إلى مجتمع خبراء الذكاء الاصطناعي. ⏳ الأماكن محدودة جدا، كن من الحاضرين السريعين!

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    هاكاثون مسرعة الذكاء الصناعي التوليدي الجزء الثاني | Certificate