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Software Engineer ( product )

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    The concept revolves around "Aoun," a personal assistant designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in meetings. Each year, countless hours are wasted in inefficient meetings, a problem Aoun aims to mitigate. It reduces the active time of meetings by providing comprehensive summaries, reducing a 60-minute meeting to a 5-minute summary. This tool automatically registers tasks derived from the meeting context, attributing each to the corresponding employee. It also offers an analytical tool that enables users to better understand their meetings while ensuring high security. Aoun functions by taking voice inputs, which are fed into the Whisper AI for processing, and then summarized using the GPT model. Our future vision includes potential integrations with platforms like Microsoft Office. Despite international competition from companies like Fireflies and Microsoft, Aoun offers distinct features like support for all languages, not only English. The current market is estimated at $3 billion in 2023, with projections to reach $14 billion by 2030. Particularly in the Middle East market, there is a glaring absence of investors and competitors, which represents a golden opportunity. We offer three packages: a free one for trial, a standard one for professionals and freelancers, and a premium package for corporations. We need support in further refining our voice recognition capabilities, upgrading our computational power, and establishing better AI connections. As a demonstration of Aoun's capabilities, it was able to summarize this entire pitch on stage into less than 100 words in 11 minutes, while also identifying key tasks and assessing the meeting's effectiveness. This is the transformative power of Aoun.

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    هاكاثون مسرعة الذكاء الاصطناعي

    📌 انضم إلينا في 18-21 مايو من الساعة 4:00 مساءً في حديقة الابتكار | KACST. 🛠 4 أيام من التعلم والبناء 🤝 انضم بفريقك أو انضم إلى فريق خلال الهاكاثون 🦾 الوصول المجاني إلى نماذج الذكاء الاصطناعي والبرامج التعليمية التقنية 🏅 احصل على فرصة للتأهل لبرنامج مسرعة الشركات الناشئة غاية GAIA 🚀 انضم إلى مجتمع خبراء الذكاء الاصطناعي 😅 العدد محدود للغاية

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